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Okay the idea of any fuck buddy style dating site if for consenting adults to get together with one another for sex. The first thought that goes through most peoples minds is usually; is this going to work? The answer is a simple YES it does work or we wouldn't have so many members.

The second question most people ask is how long will I have to wait for my first sex date? The speed of when you can expect your first hook up is dependent on several factors; how near is your nearest fuck buddy? how fussy are you going to be? is age very important? and finally how lazy or active are you going to be about this? If you are new to this type of dating make sure you have a read of our advice page on How to get a fuck buddy.

 If your idea of a speedy date is entering your age, location and firing off a few quick emails forget it, you will be lucky to receive much of a response. Set yourself 30 minutes to one side listing a little about yourself and upload a few images of your body or features and watch those requests arrive at a far quicker rate. If you really would like a chance of having sex tonight at least create yourself a basic profile before attempting to contact other members.

Remember you are not alone in your search for sex tonight, there will be lots of other male and female members contacting one another for a hook up. It is competitive out there so take a little time over your profile, sell yourself well and grab yourself a head start on the competition.

  • Don't lie about your age - There are both men and women looking for younger and older fuck buddies. Remember you are seeking sex not a future husband or wife so age shouldn't matter too much.

  • You are 10x more likely to receive a reply if you upload a recent image. It doesn't have to be xxx rated if you are not comfortable taking one of explicit nature but it should be an image taken within the last 12 months.

  • Write a little about yourself. It might be that you are unable to give too much away due to circumstances (like you are married or a nurse, doctor or teacher) but do write something that might be of interest to the opposite sex.

  • You do not need an in depth reason as to why you are seeking a fuck date so don't give one unless you feel the need to do so. Remember your fuck buddy might not wish to go into too much detail either.

  • Remain respectful at all times - Membership to this site does not mean every person you contact has to agree to a sex date. Some members like to get to know one another a little more first via their control panel and discreet messaging service.

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Husband and wife team who are NOT swingers are seeking a female to join them for fun and games. Ideally that female will be bi-curious and between the ages of 20 and 25. We can provide expenses for you to travel to our home and even offer you a bed for the night should you need to stop over. We are both very fun loving and caring, no kinky stuff or bondage of any kind. If you don't feel comfortable with the husband joining in then he will watch you enjoy his wife - preference will be given to someone willing to experiment with both the husband and the wife.

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Female Fuck Date

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You are one step nearer to finding yourself a sex date for tonight. The second step will take maybe 30 seconds of your time, using the drop down menu that you see above, select your current location, your year of birth and then state if you are male or female followed by the gender you are seeking.

You will notice an option for both under the Looking For drop down, select this if you are into wife swapping or swinging. The system will scan the data base of current members returning a page with thumb nail size images of other members that are local to you.

If you would like to proceed enter a username, a password and a valid email address. Registration is free and you can browse and read the profiles of current members for as long as you desire. Below we have taken a very small example of the kind of profiles you can expect to find. Images have been removed or distorted on this page to protect the identity of members outside of the secure membership area.

Open Relationship

Married female (28)  and male (31) seeking swingers and naughty sex dates. We love the swinging scene and we are just as comfortable inviting a male or female into our home for a threesome.

We are also at ease when one of us goes out for the evening on a ex date to return home and describe in sordid detail to one another what happened.

If you are clean and disease free aged between 25 and 45 please do get in touch. We can provide more pictures on request and no timewasters please and we are not interested in sex parties, bukake or orgies, both of us are non smokers.

Bored Husband

Yes one bored husband left at home while the wife works away from home. I know or suspect deep down that she is not being faithful to me so two can play at that game. I am 29 years of age seeking female fuck buddies for discreet fun on a regular basis.

Single Female (22) Seeks NSA

Hello guys I am single, attractive and I have a pretty well paid job that means I am self reliant. These images were taken recently, they are not several years old. The only thing I am missing is the time for a serious relationship. If you are interested in a strictly no strings attached sex date I might well be interested.

If you are of smart appearance, single and not married (I will know if we have to sneak about) and you are happy for me to meet at your place what are you waiting for, drop me a message and send me a picture of yourself.

Sex Sex Sex

Sorry I am a horny 19 year old guy who just can't get enough sex, I think I am addicted to it. I don't care what you look like or if you are 19 or 49 as long as you are female and not too far away from where I live I want to have sex with you. I can be discreet if you are married and I am clean and drug free.

I am not interested in a threesome, I don't mind the husband watching but if he wished to join in even with us both working his wife it would put me off. I am self employed and I work from home so for a quick reply and swift availability inbox me now. As you can see from my pictures I am pretty fit and I hope you think I am good looking too.

Mature Lady

I am a divorcee aged 56. Despite my mature years I do believe I have kept myself in pretty good shape and I do not feel that I am an ugly duckling. For reasons I do not wish to get into I am not on the look out for another husband or a man to share my life with. I do however miss the intimate moments on a cold evening or when the urge takes over.

I would like to start off enjoying a flirt and getting to know you a little first. Ideally you will be of the same age as myself although I don't mind if you are a little younger, as long as you are capable of being sexual active it is okay by me. I will not entertain the idea of meeting with a married man, you must be single or divorced.