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 So why do men use the Internet when they are in search of a  sex date? The simply answer is because it offers a vast choice, it is easy and a guys mind is ruled by his pants. It is also hard for a guy to approach a woman in a bar or a club and ask her for sex, he would probably get arrested. If he asks her for a date that means taking her out, expense and then she might still turn around and say she doesn't fuck on the first date. On top of that there is the small issue of misleading her on, he doesn't see her as someone he wishes to commit to, he just wants to shag her and leave her.

Then there are the married guys and where do you start with the problems they face. Wife's wishing to know where they have been, the worry that his female fuck buddy might be wearing perfume are just two minor concerns. Then there is the problem of contacting his date without the other half's knowledge and her checking his mobile phone bill. The Internet offers a safe haven for picking the idea fuck buddy, asking a few questions and ensuring you are all on the same starting page when it comes to what do you want from this meeting.

What type of men use this type of dating site:

  • Married men who are not getting enough sex at home, maybe they work away during the week and they need a bit of naughty fun to see them through to the weekend. Guys who stay with their wife for the wrong reasons, they care about them but the love and spark has vanished.

  • Single guys who haven't a lot of experience and they wish to gain a few notches on the bed post before meeting someone special and guys who just lack confidence.

  • Single guys who haven't the energy time or commitment for a serious girlfriend or a girlfriend who wishes to be with him every spare moment of the day.

  • Younger guys who wish to fuck older women, guys aged between 18 and 25 looking for someone more mature. This could be a middle aged milf or even someone over 50.

  • Men who simply get off big style in fucking another mans wife, guys on an ego trip giving a horny wife what her husband can't give her.

  • Men with a fantasy to explore, maybe he loves giving or receiving oral sex and his wife hates it. Maybe he wishes to be part of a threesome and his partner doesn't.


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I am a divorcee recently parted with a bossy wife. I want to know what it feels like on the other foot so I am looking to find a hot wife who I can fuck while her husband either watches or has knowledge of what is going on a cuckold date would be ideal. I would prefer to travel to the wife's home as well although this isn't a necessity it is just a preference. I love giving oral and I am open minded to most things, I am 37 years old and I visit the gym twice a week although I am not obsessed with my body I like to keep it in reasonable shape. Clean and a non smoker, come on ladies I would love to here from you.


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Here we have a very small sample of adverts from our male members. Faces have been blanked out due to the images being outside of the members area. This page is just a brief example of the diversity which our male members have to offer. 

Ladies we have married guys and single guys of all ages. Some are seeking women of an identical age while others are looking for granny dates.

Most guys are ruled by their cocks so as long as you have a warm hole for them to put it in they are happy. Guys often start out seeming over fussy but they usually melt with the first sniff of fresh pussy.

Registration is totally free, once you have entered a location and age the system will return a list of suitable male fuck buddies for your  consideration. When you find a suitor you can get in touch with them privately and securely via your members control panel.

Black Cock Needs White Pussy

Ladies I would love to spear you on my smooth black cock, all 7 inches of it. I have done my fair share of athletics in my time and I do have plenty of staying power. I am a single black male, nothing kinky just good old fashioned sex in whatever position you fancy.

Ideally I am looking for white women aged between 25 and 40 and I don't mind ladies with large butts however I am not into obese women. I can travel within reason so if you are interested hit me up.

Single Straight Guy

Single guy looking for straight sex with women of any legal age group. Nothing exciting to tell you about myself, I am of average build, I would say fairly good looking and I enjoy the single lifestyle while having a few ladies I can contact to keep me warm for a while in the evening.

 I can accommodate and would prefer single ladies as I haven't the time for anything too complicated or risqué. Age is not important as long as I find you a turn on and I will only reply to those who have pictures of themselves on file for viewing.

Married Panty Fetish

Where do I start? I am 36 years old, married and I have a fetish for women's panties and facesitting. My wife doesn't entertain or understand my fetish so here I am hoping to find someone here.

I need a lady that likes receiving oral sex. I want her to sit on my face and allow me to perform oral sex on here while she is wearing panties.

I need nothing in return however if you would like to give me a hand job while I am doing this to you that is fine. I know it might sound a little perverted to some but I promise you I am not some weirdo, I just have a fetish for the aroma of a woman in her panties.

Older Ladies Wanted

Older ladies please apply here. I am a 22 year old male who has a thing for older ladies (50+). I am not claiming to be the worlds best lover however I am pretty skillful when it comes to giving oral and I have an above average size cock.

I don't mind if you are single or married, I am not into threesomes or sex with your husband watching or taking part I only want to enjoy one to one sex with the ladies.

I don't mind if we get it on with your husbands knowledge, just as long as he isn't in the same room while we are going at it. I am disease and drug free, a non smoker and of very clean and well groomed appearance.

Mr Giver Of Orgasms

Hello ladies, I am a white male aged 40 with lots of experience that I would love to share with you. The pleasure for me is giving good quality sex to the ladies I make love to. As you can see in this image, I am quite capable of making any females pussy very creamy and wet.

I have had sex with women of all nationalities and ages from 20 to 60 so for me age is not important. I love hearing from ladies who claim never to have had an orgasm before or ladies who say they prefer a good book over sex, I want to change opinion on that.