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 Does the thought of fucking another mans wife without his knowledge appeal to you? Maybe you are a horny frustrated wife who isn't satisfied in the bedroom or your husband works away Monday to Friday and you need some naughty company. At we like to cater for everyone. Once you have registered a few very basic details you will have access to married men and women looking for sex.

If you are one of those people who need 100% discreetness at all times what better way to ensure your privacy at all times than fucking an adult who is married? They certainly do not want their partners knowing that they have a sex buddy on the side so they aren't going to tell anyone or call unexpectedly. 

  • Nobody is going to be more discreet than someone who is already in a relationship.

  • For many the excitement of pleasuring another mans wife or another woman's husband is second to none. The added thrill of ensuring that you don't get caught making it all the more spicy.

  • If you are in a marriage which is lacking in the bedroom then getting together with another married adult means you are both on the exact same starting page. The other person will understand where you are coming from being in an identical or at least a very similar situation to yourself.

  • Maybe you care about your partner in a loving way and the only problem between you both is the lack of sex or the lack of excitement in the bedroom. They say what the other half doesn't know won't hurt them, grab yourself a married sex date and put out that burning fire in your groin. It will also help you to be in a better mood and it will mean you placing less pressure on your unwilling husband or wife.

  • Those caring for a partner who have been struck down by a crippling illness. We do have members who's partners have suffered life changing accidents or illness. Finding a fuck buddy gives them a few moments of sanity and a break from their daily problems.

  • You are married to a much older husband or wife who has no interest in sex, you want to feel young again and despite your partner drying up your juices are still plentiful.

  • Be sure to check out the article on Sex With Married Women and how to tell if a married woman at your work place is interested in you.


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I am trapped in a loveless marriage, I am feeling starved of intimacy and I am hoping for someone to help me escape for just a few hours a week. I have had my fair share of relationships, I just get bored far too easily. The excitement a new relationship brings is like a drug to me, that flutter you get in your tummy when a new lover touches you, the lust and passion that accompanies it just can't be matched or sustained.

I have long dark wavy hair and brown eyes. As you can see from my profile images I have a nice body (well I hope you think so) and yes those tits are real. Age is not important to me, as long as you are clean, have a bit of staying power for the bedroom and you are happy to keep this strictly no strings attached then please do get in touch xx


Married Fuck Buddy 


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Due to the nature of this site many members are not willing to show their faces. Please resepct their wishes and understand that they are not hiding anything apart from their identity.

Married Dating.

Below and scattered around this page you will find requests for fuck buddies by married men and women. Discreetness is paramount to 90% of those seeking an extra marital affair. Faces have been edited and images have not been matched with the adverts for added protection outside of the members area.

Some of those seeking discreet sex have decided to keep their faces disguised at all times. Please respect those wishing to remain 100% anonymous and do not badger or harass members for doing this. We do have a report button in the members area please advise us if you feel that another member is stepping out of line so that we may investigate.

If seeing the persons face is that important to you then we suggest you move on to someone who is willing to show their face. Remember our aim is to find you a fuck buddy, not a stunning future husband or bride to be, the examples on this page are prime examples of hot looking members who are not showing their faces..

Sex Starved Wife

I wasn't sure what to write in my profile, I kind of felt a need to write why I am looking to be unfaithful to my husband. The truth is I am not getting enough sex and I want more, there really isn't any other reason than that, he treats me well and I should be thankful however sex means everything to me.

I have no dependents and as my husband is not around Sunday to Thursday I am very open to when I can be available. I would prefer late afternoon, I have quite a social life in the evenings. Your age isn't of great importance, nobody too young with no experience and nobody too old that I wouldn't find them physically attractive, sorry I still have to fancy you if you are going to be popping your cock in me.

Lonely Husband

I am nearing 50 years of age, my wife is 60. A few years ago she suffered an illness that has meant no sex for either of us since and the need to sleep in separate bedrooms. I long to feel the warm comfort of a female next to me again.

I would like us to start off just enjoying a friendly chat and seeing where it leads to. Please don't judge me in a negative manner, I will happily discuss things with you via private messaging but not on an open profile.

Married Female (42) Seeks F-Buddy

Married to an older guy who has lost interest in most things including sex. Here I am in all my glory so you know exactly what you are getting. I am looking for someone of a similar age to myself for discreet meetings and naughty fun.

As you can see from my profile pictures (available in members area only) I like to look after myself. Are you the guy to put a flutter back into my tummy, the person who I can have fun with on a non committed basis?

Slut Wife Seeks Fuck Buddy

I am married although I prefer to use the term trapped in a relationship. My husband sadly lost all my respect a long time ago and now it is time for my revenge, I am going to be a complete slut wife enjoying myself with virtually anybody who fancies a good time and a naughty shag date.

I love oral sex both giving and receiving, I have tried anal once but it wasn't great although I might be willing to try it again with the right man. If you are available for fun between the hours of 12.00am and 4.00am I can accommodate you at my home, you can even fuck me in my own bed.

Horny Guy 28

I get to travel a lot due to my business, I also get to stay in a lot of top quality hotels around the world, London, New York, Belgium and several in Germany. I am looking for no strings sex on a regular basis depending on where I will be working. If you would like to enjoy some naughty fun with a clean businessman and stay the night in quality surroundings please do get in touch.

I am married so discretion is very important. I do not mind if you are married or single, as long as you are discreet that is all that matters. It would help if you were attractive, in decent shape and good in the bedroom though, age is not important anywhere between 20 and 35 is ideal.