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 How many different fuck buddies would you like to find, maybe the question we should ask is how many do you feel you could handle? Are you a bored wife in search of some discreet fun and when you find it and assuming you enjoy the experience would you be happy sticking with the same person when any future urge strikes you?

Maybe you are a single guy or female looking to expand on as many varied fuck buddies as possible? Either way our advice would be for you to get in touch with as many different members as possible, choice is a great weapon to hold and you never know when your first choice might be unavailable for the day.

The majority of our members enjoy the thrill of having sex with someone new, they love the butterfly feeling that you get in your tummy as excitement mixes with the unknown. In a recent survey members have told us that they have 2-3 regular buddies that they can call for sex and a few of you say that you have at least one date that was okay but you wouldn't be up for meeting that same person again. The most common outcome is 2-3 regular fuck buddies with the odd new date thrown in at least once a month.

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I am one hell of a bored housewife, if my hubby has not passed out drunk and unfit for sex he is stopping over at friends so now it's my turn to get some fun and pleasure. I will get straight to the point, get in touch with me and you could be stuffing your hard cock into my wet snatch tonight. No longer am I going to go without sex because of a pathetic excuse for a husband.

I have a car and I am willing to travel, I am slender built and I have never had any kids so my pussy is as tight as those of half my age. I love experimenting with new lovers and I deal the best blowjob you will ever experience, of course if you want to earn yourself one you will need to do something to me first.


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Scattered around this page you will find example adult adverts, the faces have been blurred and removed from the profile text to provide privacy outside of the secure members area.

Registration is free and joining takes no more than 60 seconds. Once registered you will want to increase your chances of successfully finding a fuck date so it is always a good idea to fill out your own profile and upload a few images of yourself.

Even if it is your intention to contact others that appeal to you it is always advisable to upload a few details to your profile. Be sure to read our Find Sex Tonight section for advice on increasing your chances of finding a fuck buddy on the first night of joining.

Mixed Race Swingers

We are an active swinging couple looking for other married adults for wife and husband swapping fun. No group sex or threesomes, just pure and simple you shag my wife and I shag yours. I am in my mid 40's (black guy) my wife late 30's (white female) both of average build although age, race and looks are non important to either of us.

No Strings Straight Guy

I felt that it was about time I updated my profile on here and added a few new photographs. I have to report so far so good, I have successfully managed to find myself a few decent sex dates, however I want more so come on ladies, take a good look at my full profile and if you like what you see don't be shy and get in touch.

I am a 28 year old straight guy who likes to take care of himself, I love making women happy in the bedroom so if you are aged between 20 and 40 get inbox me or give me a poke. I don't mind if you are married or single as long as it is a no strings discreet shag date I am all for it.

Older Lady 59

I am hoping that there are a few older gents on here or guys that enjoy the comfort and pleasure and of course the experience that an older lady can bring.

I am 59 years of age although I do get told I look good for my age despite being a granny. I am married in name only, my husband and I live apart, we remain friends and for details that I cannot go into divorce is not an option.

Sorry I do not feel comfortable showing my face or full nudity on a website however these images of me in a swimsuit were taken just a few months ago when I was on a cruise ship. I am hoping you agree that my body isn't bad for it's ripe old age.

Female 40 Something

How would you like to experience discreet casual sex with a married woman? Yes I have hit my forties and I am fast realizing I have missed out on an awful lot of fun mainly due to getting married to a school hood sweetheart. We are still married some 22 years later, I care greatly about him but the romance and lustful sex left us both long ago.

We might well split up one day in the not too distant future but I do realize that the grass isn't always greener and I need to know if this is just something I need to get out of my system. If you are up for some discreet fun then I would love to hear from you. More details on request to the right prospect.