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Women Like Casual Sex Dates Too - Many guys feel super lucky and they find it hard to believe there are sex dating sites that women join just to find a shag date. Guys assume it is easy for a female to go out and attract a guy for sex so why join a no strings attached dating site? Firstly it isn't as easy for the women as guys are lead to believe.

Secondly although women have fantasies about having sex with a stranger they do like to know a little about them hence the online profile section. Most importantly the guy she meets via a NSA dating site knows exactly where he stands; it is pure sex and nothing else.

She probably dreads the thought of waking up next to him in the morning, she definitely does not want him to fall in love with her and it might just be that her boring marriage needed spicing up so she has gone and found herself a secret sex date without her husband knowing. In fact the most common age group amongst women for those that enjoy and openly look for one night stands is those aged between thirty and fifty.

Women looking for shag dates between the ages of 18 and thirty say they are just too busy to commit themselves to a long term relationship and that sex with the same person is just far too boring. They like to have a selection of guys who they can call or contact when the need and urge happens to hit them. Some have put down that their reason for a NSA date is that they are on the rebound and not ready for another long term commitment and that they simple miss the sex.

Sex with no emotional tags, no guy getting jealous or asking what you have been up to where you are going or who you have been speaking to. Wild hot meaningless sex that makes you feel good that you do not need to worry about or apologise for if it doesn't go according to plan, sex which allows you to leave behind the contrived rules about being romantic and setting the scene and sex where you can say goodbye and walk away from the other person when you have had your wicked way - Welcome to no strings attached dating!!.


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After coming out of a failed marriage I now want the freedom to come and go as I please. I don't want to worry about doing the washing up and keeping the house clean if I don't want to, not that I am a messy person. If I do not want to make the bed properly in the morning I don't. If I need laundry I can do the washing myself, I can cook and I can do anything I need for myself so I don't need a woman around the house to keep it in order.

I do however yearn for a companion from time to time. Maybe someone I even care for and who I respect but not someone who is going to start invading my space. NSA means we can see each other once a week or 2-3 times a week and it means we are also free to see and meet other people. Maybe one day in the future one of my fuck buddies will become something more serious but for now no strings dating is perfect for me.

I have been in a long term relationship and it felt like we were trapped, it was like being handcuffed together. Every moment of every day we were with each other and there was no freedom, I cannot stand feeling trapped so it ended NSA for the foreseeable future!!

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All women have sexual fantasies, they have them just as much as men do, they just do not share them as openly. Voyeurism is one common fantasy that women have although they differ from men as in men like to watch others having sex where women fantasize more about being watched than doing the watching.

Many women have admitted to having a fantasy about having sex with another female or with two guys at the same time. Role play always comes out highly, women pretending to be someone else like a hooker or a lap dancer being picked up by a rough diamond..

Sally Writes:

The only problem I have had with agreeing to no strings attached sex is that on more than one occasion the sex has been crap. I have met some decent guys but I have also met a few where they go into it with the thought that as I am not his girlfriend he has no intention of trying to impress me so he puts no effort in, more a wham bam thank you mam type of encounter.

I have also found that us women need to put more pictures up into our profiles to attract any interest, I guess the guys automatically assume because a woman joins a no strings dating site she must be ugly or have two heads. Guys may be looking for no strings attached because they enjoy the pure uncomplicated sexual satisfaction, but guess what, so do us women.

Guys I consider myself a decent catch, I have many asking to meet me again but please, start putting an effort in between the sheets to impress me or I won't be your no strings fuck buddy, I will be your never happening again one night stand..

Bored Sammy Writes:

A little more respect please guys, I am not your girlfriend so when we meet and enjoy NSA sex respect my opinion. If we have had great sex it doesn't mean an invitation to stay over the night and it definitely doesn't mean you are free to pop over unexpected with a late night call, why do you think I won't give my phone number to you?

It is because I too want the freedom that dating no strings gives me. Please do not be offended either when you ask me out for dinner, I say no because that then becomes a date.

If I wanted a relationship or a long term date I would join one of those type of dating sites, actually I probably wouldn't because I do believe it or not have plenty of offers for 'dinner'..

Single Female Writes:

I enjoy being single, I am single by choice not because I have been left on the shelf, at 34 with no kids in toe and having looked after my body I can assure you if I wanted a man in my life 24/7 I could have one.

 I speak with whomever I like, eat when I like, do what I like without having to explain my actions to anyone. I can even have sex on my own if I wanted to but I admit sex with a guy is far better than a piece of plastic. I have 3-4 sex buddies that I see on a regular basis, it means sex doesn't get boring and as each guy is different it is more of a case of "what do I feel like today".

 The guys I meet for no strings attached are so different to me in my ways and we could never live together it would be total destruction so NSA means we can enjoy great sex and get on with our lives in a selfish manner as we do not have to share anything or consider anyone..

Mistress Writes:

Domination and being dominated by a strong man is another high scoring fantasy amongst the ladies although this is an area few explore into unless they have a serious partner who they know and trust. The number one fantasy women say that they have when it comes to sex is sex with a stranger.

Adult contact sites such as Find A Fuck Buddy offer people the chance to explore sexual fantasies that they would not dare dream of asking their partner to explore with them, it gives them the confidence to tap into a fantasy that they might have with another adult who shares that exact same or very similar fantasy.