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Seducing Women

It is no use attempting to seduce a woman if she has zero interest in you, there has to be something there for you to work on. The first rule is you must treat this as a marathon, not a sprint, sure you could just join find a fuck buddy and do away with the need to seduce anyone, there are more than enough female members for you to take your pick from. This article however is assuming you have someone special in mind, maybe a work colleague or a friend, someone you have already made initial contact with even if it is just a good morning or hello how are you.

As long as it is not over the top all women love attention, they like to think guys still finds them attractive and sexual no matter what their age. The easiest initial approach to attracting a woman into your bed starts with you slowly increasing your interest in her, take notice of any small changes, maybe she has had her hair done or is wearing new clothing. Compliment her on it, tell her that she looks nice and ask if that is a new outfit or that her hair looks nice, the chances are her husband never noticed and the last compliment he paid was years ago. Unless a lengthy conversation follows leave it at that, give her time to think over the compliment then later in the day try to make eye contact with her and give her a big smile.

If you have a staff canteen try and take a coffee break and sit with her, you could always invite her out for a coffee, keep in mind that she will still be looking to keep things discreet. When entering a conversation make sure it is about her, ask her direct questions (not personal ones) and remember the answers. If she tells you that she is going out with her friends at the weekend ask her on Monday how her night out with those friends went. If she tells you it was great then throw in a comment that maybe you will have to try there yourself.

At some stage the chances are that she will discuss with you her poor marriage, she will be looking for a man who will give her more attention than her husband. Get talking about how you see nothing wrong in someone seeking a married sex date and that there is nothing wrong in a little discreet fun, this will reassure her that you are not expecting her to leave her husband for you, even if that is what you would like allow it to be a natural progression.

Now we said at the start this is a marathon not a sprint, maybe we should have said a half marathon because there will come a stage where you need to up the stakes and ask her out on a proper date. Leave it too long and she will start to see you as a shoulder to cry on and not a fuck buddy. Make sure you plan ahead, it will be very unlikely that you can go back to her place so plan where you are going to attempt to seduce her into bed and be ready for her to go cold on you, if this does happen do not force it, be sympathetic and give her a day or two before trying again with another date.

If you do end up in bed together enjoy the moment, she might be laden with guilt for a few days afterwards but she will come round to meeting you again. Do not become too needy and keep the sex fresh and exciting, keep an air too dangerous about it, meet up at various times of the day and do not make it the same place every time. There is no room allowed for scruples, do not talk about her marriage and do not mention her husband. If your seduction powers fail you enjoy the experience, take pleasure from the flirting and if the sex does happen enjoy it for as long as you can.

You can always practice your skills with a married lady already looking for a sex date, just use the join, search and register links on this site and you will be hopping into bed with a married milf or a hot cougar quicker than you might have thought possible.


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Married Women Seeking Pleasure.

Practice your powers of seduction or brush up on your sex skills with one of our married women who are seeking sexual pleasure outside of their marriage. You might be wondering what kind of female date you could find when registering, the easiest answer is sign up today and take a look for  yourself, it is free to join.

Below and scattered around outside of the members area you will find some sample profiles, they are not linked to the person who created them as we do not want to raise a false hope, these ladies could live 100 miles or more away from you, you would be far better off registering above and finding yourself a local lady for sex and fun.

Faces have also been blanked out due to the nature of the advert and due to it being used outside of the members area. If you would like to upload an image of yourself but you are stopping yourself from doing so for fear of being recognised can we suggest that you use the free online editing tool at Pixlr which allows you to blank or distort out areas of choice.

Married Discreet Pleasure

Female 37 married but seeking discreet pleasure. My life is what you might well describe as being a little complicated at the moment so if you fancy meeting with me for discreet sex asking no questions then drop me a message into my inbox. Sorry I can't say more than that and no I am not willing to post any further images than those already viewable in my profile.

Lonely Cougar

Okay it sounds rather cliché but I really do receive comments on how I look much younger than 55 years of age. The truth is I feel it too and due to having an older husband with a few medical issues I find myself searching for someone to share a laugh and a flirt with, maybe an evening out and quite possibly sex depending on how we get on.

 I am quite an energetic lady, ideally I would prefer to here from guys aged between 25 and 45. You must be of clean smart appearance, a non smoker and you must take care of yourself. I hope this doesn't sound too fussy, I consider myself to be all the above so why should I lower my standards? A recent picture of yourself is a must.

Married Female (39) Seeking Male

I love the excitement of casual sex, if you share that same excitement and you don't mind hooking up with a married lady then give me a shout. What you see is what you get, I like most things apart from anal, I tried it once but never again and I love giving and receiving oral.

I don't care if you are black or white, married or single, 20 years of age or 50, as long as you are clean and drug free and you are not a virgin (haven't the time to hand hold anyone) then get in touch with me.

Slut Cuckold Wife

I am seeking a single guy who is willing to fuck a hot wife while her husband spectates on a regular basis. My husband will not join in, he will just watch and observe quietly as you take control of me in our marital bed.

If you are new to the world of cuckold dating then allow me to show you just how exciting it can be fucking another mans wife while he has the inability to do anything about it.

Horny Wife 26

Wow where do I start with this profile lark without sounding like a slut. I guess you are going to want to know why I am married yet seeking a fuck buddy, the simple answer is my husband is away for 2-3 months at a time and I can't stand going without sex for that length of time any longer.

This is a tricky one for me as I am looking for a guy who want's to become my fuck buddy friend. Someone who I can meet for sex on a regular basis but then not see again (for sex) when my husband returns.

I need a strong guy who is in charge and in complete control of his emotions and who will see this as just sex, nothing more and who will not expect or ask me to leave my husband. This will need to be discreet at all times, sorry I can't even be seen out and about with you although I don't mind stopping over the night if you have your own place.