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Do you find yourself constantly attracted to women who are already spoken for? If so you are not alone, it seems it is pure human nature to want something you can’t have and we say that very loosely. Can’t have or shouldn’t have, don’t we all like a challenge? I remember when I was a single guy it was the slightly older married women that I found more attractive, I saw it as a challenge, could I get her to be unfaithful to her husband for me? More and more married women are also finding themselves open to a quick fling, do you know the tell tail signs of a woman on the hunt for a bit of fun behind their husbands back?

The woman who takes the longer route around the work place in order for her to pass the guy she has her sights on, the hoping that she will be noticed by him or even for a chance to engage in some general chit chat. The horny wife who has suddenly started to wear a little more make-up or her lipstick is a little redder than usual. The one who’s dress sense has changed; maybe a shorter skirt or an extra button undone on her blouse, stronger perfume that lingers in the air as she breezes past. If you find yourself wondering would she like an affair the answer is yes she probably does.

Now an important question for you to answer; do you find yourself attracted to her because you find her sexy or is your job so mundane and boring you are on the lookout for something entertaining, something or someone that will make those long days go by quicker? If it is the latter of the two you need to reflect on what you might have to lose at home should you make the move and get caught out, of course if you are single then it doesn’t matter, the chase and the challenge is on. If you find her sexy then you have to question why your eyes are straying away from home.

The list of reasons as to why you are finding yourself attracted to this woman is endless, from the challenge of bedding another man’s wife to simply feeling horny and not getting enough sex at home. Maybe family life has become a drag and you want more excitement with someone who isn’t going to be demanding and who is probably in the same situation as yourself. Now there is a danger that you could be misinterpreting her signals, if it is a work colleague the last thing you need to happen is an accusation of sexual harassment so no matter how much of a temptation it is no touching, pinching or purposely brushing past her unless of course she does it first!

Instead make an effort to speak to them, chat about neutral subjects, the weather, if she has anything exciting planned for the weekend and see how she responds and answers. Does she ever mention her husband and if so is it in a loving caring way? When describing what she has planned for the weekend does she use the word ‘we’ in her conversation. If you have read the advances or interest correctly the chances are she will not use the term ‘we’ and she will probably try to avoid talk of her husband, she will be looking for a way to concentrate on you and her.

We know from our married female members that marriages do go stale, women are on the search for extra marital affairs just as much as the guys are and I can tell you from my own personal experience, sex with a married woman behind her husband’s back is one of the most exciting sexual experiences you are ever likely to encounter.


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If you are not logged in, you will notice example snippets taken from members profiles. You will also see a scattering of profile images with faces blanked out, this is to protect the members identity outside of the members area. Once you have registered and have gained access to the full profiles it is up to the individual on how much they show or don't show.

Single men and women are quite open when it comes to uploading pictures of themselves while those that have partners are a little more cautious. Being married doesn't stop everyone from not showing their face, I guess they would have to question what their partner was doing joining an adult contacts site if discovered.

Married And Flirting

Married and seeking a casual relationship with a man that isn't going to be needy or demanding or upset if I need to cancel a sex date at the last minute. I would prefer a single guy as my life is already complicated but that isn't to say I won't rule out anyone who is dishy and married, pictures are a must for any hopeful guy.

I don't have any kids and my body is in pretty good nick for a 30 something  year old, I also like to go smooth down south and I love receiving oral. I am not looking for a string of secret lovers, just one maybe two will do so come on guys, I am waiting to hear from you.

Male 24 Seeks Married Female

I am 24 year old, white male seeking a married fuck date. Age is non important, I just love the thrill of bedding a genuine milf. I am clean and a non smoker.

I am not into Cuckold dating or open marriage, I want a married female who is looking for a no strings fuck date behind her husbands back. I am a sales rep so travelling isn't an issue for me if you are open to some daytime fun.

Married Curious Female

What started out to be a little flirtacious fun has become an addiction for me. I initially joined to enjoy adult chat and was even open to a little role play but one day temptation got the better of me and I met with a guy for a secret sex date. Ever since then I have been like an out of control steam train meeting with (shall we say) several different male members.

I recently took it a step further and quite enjoyed a threesome although it was the attention from the female that turned me on more. Now I am looking for another female so that I may explore my curious side a little further. If you are curious or bisexual contact me, I am always online so you will receive a pretty quick reply.

Sex With A Married Woman

Single guy whose wife was unfaithful is seeking to have a taste of what it is like to have sex with another mans wife. I am clean and drug free, I work away from home Monday to Friday so I am very flexible. I can accommodate if you don't mind a hotel room and as long as your husband isn't a martial arts expert and likely to catch us I am also willing to travel.

Female In Relationship Seeking Shag

I am due to get married next year and I am allowing myself 12 months of sexual freedom without my partners knowledge. I am 24 and until recently my fiancée was the only man I had ever had sex with, he was also a virgin until he met me. Sex wasn't great and to be honest it still isn't so I decided to grab myself some experience points prior to tying the knot.

The first time I was unfaithful it was with a married man who opened my eyes to a whole new world when it comes to sex, he gave me my first genuine orgasm, sadly he made it clear that this was a one off sex date, that was before I moved to this area with my future husband having to relocate due to work. I miss the great sex that we had so I am looking for more.

As I am new to the area I decided to join an adult contacts site and here I am. It goes without saying that this has to be on a no strings basis and obviously very discreet. My ideal sex partner will be a guy with plenty of experience, I would also hope that he was no more than 15 years older than me. I have lots more to share with the right man and plenty of pictures to show I am not ugly.